Biotechnology Laboratory Technician

Operations & Product Development - Waltham, MA - Permanent

Company Description

Honeycomb Biotechnologies is an early-stage company focused on creating and commercializing scalable solutions for storage and single cell genomic analysis of precious clinical samples. We enable translation of the rich biological information encoded in clinical specimens into high-resolution digital information, which can be queried and analyzed with sequencing. The resulting exponential growth in knowledge about the state of each person’s health and disease will enable the identification of new therapies and better targeting of current medicines in the era of precision medicine. Our first product is the “HIVE” – a single-use disposable device that is used (without any Honeycomb-specific instrumentation or equipment) for capturing, storing, and profiling transcripts (i.e., RNA) with single-cell resolution. Come join our team focused on providing basic and clinical researchers with better solutions for understanding health and disease.

Position Summary

We are seeking a candidate with strong general biotech laboratory skills, good organization practices and mindset, and capability for careful and diligent execution of protocols and project assignments. This position will be responsible for supporting manufacturing and R&D operations including: (1) functional testing and execution of steps to manufacture high-value life science products; and (2) participation in development and testing of new molecular assay and consumable products. Working closely with the rest of the Honeycomb team, responsibilities will include: (1) execution of NGS library preparation protocols, (2) execution of work instructions for prototyping and manufacturing the HIVE consumable, (3) administration and oversight of lab operations tasks including: inventory management, equipment qualification, and systems for safety and efficiency, and (4) participating in development and validation testing of protocols and kits.

Responsibilities & Essential Functions

  • Execute NGS library preparation and other molecular biology analysis protocols 
  • Execute manufacturing work instructions 
  • Maintain complete, up-to-date, and accurate records of data, protocol observations, and other records 
  • Monitor supplies and reagents inventory and order supplies 
  • Organize and oversee laboratory safety and efficiency systems 
  • Equipment upkeep, calibration and qualification testing, and record-keeping 
  • Participate in product validation testing 
  • Adhere to and promote compliance with quality system and safety policies 


  • Associate or bachelor degree in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, engineering, or a related discipline 
  • Minimum 1 year of relevant experience in a biotechnology laboratory (or relevant training certification) 
  • Demonstrated capability for efficient and high-quality execution of written protocols 
  • Training and expertise in pipetting and sterile technique 
  • Excellent organization and task planning skills 
  • Enthusiasm to work in a fast-paced startup company 
  • Good communication, interpersonal, and teamwork skills 
  • Self-starter who requires minimal supervision to be productive 
  • Authorization to work in the United States 
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