Low Cost Single Cell RNAseq with HIVE + AVITI

Why the HIVE?

The HIVE™ Single Cell RNAseq Solution can quickly generate single cell data from your precious samples. Even with the significant cost savings built into the HIVE, single cell experiments can be expensive for the time & capital required to collect samples, prepare libraries, & conduct next-generation sequencing. For many users, cell enrichment kits & low-cost sequencing are smart options to further reduce costs. We show here that the Honeycomb™ HIVE is compatible with STEMCELL™ EasySep™ cell enrichment kits and the Element AVITI System benchtop sequencer. When targeting a specific cell type in your sample, enrichment kits can remove background cells and concentrate your target to maximize meaningful reads. The AVITI offers high quality sequencing data at a budget price tag, saving your sequencing dollars.  CLICK HERE for downloadable data.

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