Capture Store Sequence

Work with a wide range of cells, even fragile cells, with no special equipment required

Collect and preserve cells where you find them – in your lab, in the clinic, in the field, at multi-site studies

1 sample = 1 HIVE. Process and analyze your samples individually or all together, with minimal hands-on time

How it works


Obtain samples (clinical biopsies, solid tissue, organoids, cell culture, etc.) and prepare single-cell suspensions

Capture Cells

Load cells into the HIVE and allow single cells to settle gently into HIVE picowells containing barcoded mRNA-capture beads

The HIVE Difference: Store or Ship

With cells in a stable environment, store HIVEs in the freezer and/or ship when ready to process

Capture Transcripts

Seal the wells to create isolated chambers with one bead and one cell. Lyse cells and allow mRNA to bind to beads

Library Preparation

Extract beads from the HIVE and amplify captured mRNA to create sequencing-ready libraries

Quantify Transcripts

Combine libraries from multiple samples andsequences. Use Honeycomb’s custom BeeNet software to determine the gene expression profiles of single cells

Analyze Data

Standard secondary analysis tools can be used with BeeNet output files to understand the biology of your samples

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